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Melting Clouds

How do you spend the hours of your day? We are usually forced to vigilantly track hours for our jobs, but do we hold ourselves to the same standards when it comes to our life lived?

In Mexico I lavished in the “Laid Back Latin Life” (coupled with my West Coast upbringing, I was very relaxed!). Which I loved. I like to just sit and think whatever thought comes into my mind, even if it’s something as mundane and obvious as, “the sky is blue, I’m thirsty, that bird is loud…” It’s kind of stream of consciousness thinking; if I give allowance to my dull thoughts, sometimes one of them ends up being really inspired.

A few years ago, my imaginative Aunt (Happy Birthday today!) taught me how to “melt clouds away.” She asked me matter-of-fact if I knew how to do it, like you would ask someone if they know how to ride a bike. Surprisingly, I did not. She tells me to find a cloud, start with a small one when you are learning, and stare at it; watch it move and dissipate, thinning until eventually it melts away into the sky before your very eyes. Then you have melted away your first cloud.

Have you ever taken the time, putting aside our technology and schedules and short attention spans, to melt a cloud? It takes a little patience, but I think you might like it.


The Opera!

Last night I had the opportunity to see Nabucco at the Kennedy Center Opera House. It’s the operatic story of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon and creator of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It was fascinating to hear and see as Verdi focused on the folklore of Nebuchadnezzar, rather than the scriptural take.

The set was amazing- so incredibly inventive, how it moved and morphed and the use of lights and scrims to take the viewer to Babylon. Of course the singing was unbelievable, featuring talents from all over the world, even including a native DC-er! It made me feel so alive to be part of this humanity where we are able to create amazingly beautiful art, just because it needs to be made and present in our lives.

It also reminded me of a New Year’s Resolution I made this year- “Attend a well-done performance art show at least once a quarter.” There are plenty of places that this can be done on the cheap or even free. My first quarter performance was a birthday gift to see Billy Elliot– which was so amazing. Now I have gone to the Opera; it’s exciting to consider what the 3rd quarter will bring!

Do you attend plays, concerts, operas, or ballets etc.? If not, you should go- it just might waken something up!


Check it out! Get down to Artomatic, this year in Crystal City! You are sure to be inspired by hundreds of artists, so bring a sketch book and jot down your ideas!


Letters from Japan

If you hear, read or see an inspiring one-liner today: sit down, even for 5 minutes, and make something visual out of it. Use lipstick, water from a tea bag or those highlighters on your desk if you don’t have other supplies available! The point is, CREATE SOMETHING… if for no other reason than that it might just feed something in your soul that wasn’t satisfied yesterday.

I saw this little reflection on a friend’s facebook page and grabbed my sketch pad. The real point here is to strike while the iron is hot. Let your creativity live. The more you give freedom to your creative-self, the more often it will show up to dazzle you; in your work, in your relationships, and in your spiritual journey.


We’ve probably all heard Albert Einstein’s thought that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” But have you heard why he thinks this is so?

This is Einstein’s follow up thought, and one I love, “For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Think of that! We have the power to imagine all that may ever be! I think in this statement, Einstein unlocks a true key to genius- IMAGINATION.

Think of the things we have IMAGINED before they came to be KNOWN. People dreamed of flying long before they could. Even Walt Disney dreamed up ‘Man in Space’ before Yuri Gagarin’s maiden space exploration. It’s pretty inspiring to think that all that is out there, has the ability to be dreamed up within the creative-self.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to imagine today. Try to reflect on something that you have never thought before. It does take time and patience to actually think and dream, but the payoff is big.

You’re Invited!

Good news! A piece of my mixed medium artwork was recently accepted into a juried show! You can find my watercolor and ink figure, Nurturer, in the Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL) show this month. CHAL partners with the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in Eastern Market. So if you’re local, it’s a great way to check out art and creative projects in your area! Please come to this opening reception this Saturday to see some fantastic work from DC Metro artists!


The judges remarks and awards are at 5:30, so if you would like to hear a critical response to the exhibit, be sure to be there then! See you Saturday!

Color Connection!

French post-impressionist, Paul Gauguin, once aptly observed, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. Do you pay attention to the color around you? Did you notice the azaleas on your walk to the metro today? Did you appreciate the color the U.S. Capitol Building turns around dusk?
I saw these things around the house today and was so attracted to the patterns they made. I love that some of the items are organic and some are man made; some are roundish and others are made of straight geometric lines. We are always looking for connection. In this case it’s color!

Take note of the color around you today. See if you agree that it is, in fact, the language of dreams. Go ahead, dream.