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I’ve been busy…

Detail of "Madison Man"

Detail of “Madison Man”

Check out this sneak peek of a few of my newest works! More to come soon, so check back often!


“For the Love of Art”

Yesterday I read a thought-provoking article called “For the Love of Art” in the most recent Atlantic Magazine. It describes a gallery director’s unique protest against Italy’s budget cuts. Many factors have contributed to the gallery’s trouble at keeping its doors open to the public, including continued government cutbacks.

So, what does he do to get their (our) attention?

Well, so far, he has burned five artworks from artists around the world and has sent a bundle of photos to the Italian government threatening more. The image on the article is kind of heart-wrenching when you think about what went into those paintings. Other artists/gallerists around the world have also burned a few works to stand in solidarity and while it has gotten enough media attention to make it across the ocean, will it have a lasting (and changing) impact?

My jury is still out on whether I think this is a valuable protest, what do you think?

“A post, a tweet and an html President”

I finished my Obama/technology piece… at least for now. I have found that it is always a question as to whether I am done with a work or not… sometimes I think I am done and a year later I find myself working on it again. As of now, this is what my piece titled, “A post, a tweet and an html President” looks like.

While I did submit it for a show, it’s always interesting to just observe yourself in the process of ‘making.’ The strategy and symbolism that ended up coming out through this work was surprising… even to me! I found myself thinking about technology and the USA and the presidency and PR and marketing in a whole new light.

For me, these creative processes really do attest to how our thinking can expand and become more interactive and productive through the arts.

Progress Report- An html Obama

Here is a little progress report. When asked to reflect on world events over the last 25 years, a few that came to mind were technology advancements (including all of our social networking BFF’s, Facebook, blogs, etc.) and the election of our first African American President, who also happened to cash in on the technology advancements in a very well executed PR plan that captured many young voters. I’m still developing the piece (and unfortunately, this is a low-quality iphone photo), but thought you could use a sneak peek, especially if you helped me with the poll! More to come soon…


Ever thought about what animal you would be? Or the characteristics you assign to the animal kingdom just out of your imagination? (Think Disney Movies) What critter do you think you personify?

Here’s a little glimpse at my friend, Mordecai. I like how he almost appears to be wearing a blazer and definitely knows more than your average crow…

Unlimited Art

I love seeing how art interacts with the ‘rest’ of life. Our whole world is constantly surrounded by art through nature, engineering, color, writing, ideas, etc. but for some reason we have debased the term “art” to mean something very limited.

I started thinking about this when a Golf Pro friend of ours drew a fantastic conclusion between the sport and creativity with this poignant tip, “Reading the green becomes a little more difficult then people think… [it] requires the eye of an artist and right-brain engagement.” A sport, hundreds of years old, also deemed “a precision club and ball sport,” requires an artist’s eye for success! I love that connection (and can’t help but think of all those people out there who play golf well, but would never consider themselves an artist)!

Can you imagine how much more interesting the world might become if we started seeing all of her creative possibilities… and ourselves as active artist participants? Perhaps the less exciting environments we live in, that we’ve written off as “I’ll just get through this shift/day/project,” could become a place we actually see beauty and ingenuity.

Make Good Art.

A few friends have been passing around a video of an inspirational commencement speech. Author, Neil Gaiman addresses the 2012 graduating class of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. A key theme, that I think all of us can benefit from, is that we need to “MAKE GOOD ART” no matter the kind, make it and do it well. It’s a bit longer than my usual thoughts, but it’s Friday, so give it a listen this weekend if you want to be inspired to make something good against the odds of the world.

PS- You may want a notepad… I have found myself sticking one-liners around my art studio that I can later read while doing air punches to pump myself up!