Unlimited Art

I love seeing how art interacts with the ‘rest’ of life. Our whole world is constantly surrounded by art through nature, engineering, color, writing, ideas, etc. but for some reason we have debased the term “art” to mean something very limited.

I started thinking about this when a Golf Pro friend of ours drew a fantastic conclusion between the sport and creativity with this poignant tip, “Reading the green becomes a little more difficult then people think… [it] requires the eye of an artist and right-brain engagement.” A sport, hundreds of years old, also deemed “a precision club and ball sport,” requires an artist’s eye for success! I love that connection (and can’t help but think of all those people out there who play golf well, but would never consider themselves an artist)!

Can you imagine how much more interesting the world might become if we started seeing all of her creative possibilities… and ourselves as active artist participants? Perhaps the less exciting environments we live in, that we’ve written off as “I’ll just get through this shift/day/project,” could become a place we actually see beauty and ingenuity.


One response to “Unlimited Art

  • Mazin Issa

    Indeed, Art isn’t just a painting, a book, or some exhibit. It’s a way of living. I thought about the definition of art before and I strongly agree that is goes beyond what’s written, painted, or heard.
    I am skeptical regards golf having anything to do with the right-brain as a source for imagination and creativity, unless music (or the sounds in the environment) helps the Pro golfer, golf better. But anyways, it’s enlightening to find connections between things we thought were distant.

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