Reuse Art

When thinking about doing art, we sometimes get caught up in the need to have ‘the right stuff.’ Since it’s the weekend, take this project idea and run with it- make something artistic with recycled materials. Even if it’s not mantle-worthy, you will have had an hour or two of fun!

Need a few ideas?

Corrugated cardboard. I just used this on my Taylor Gourmet piece and it is so fun. You can use a straight edge razor and just cut the top layer off, using the texture below to make some pretty amazing shapes and shaded values.

Newspaper. Try watercoloring or drawing on left over Washington Posts. The text below will add an interesting layer of dimension.

Re- purposed wood. I will be heading to a store this weekend to look for old doors, tiles and cupboards to paint on as a unique take on the typical stretched canvas. Without much preparation, you have a whole set of textures to begin your next masterpiece!

Anything else you can think of- it’s not just fun, but it will actually build up your creative muscle (all while being green)!


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