The Portrait Gallery: Hockney

Ok, if you haven’t been to the Portrait Gallery in a while… you must get to it! First of all, I just discovered a whole new section on the 3rd floor that is very cool. Tall ceilings, the gorgeous European style DC knows so well, and decadent marble floors meet modern art! This week, I want to highlight a few must-sees, or in this case, a “must-experience.”

Up today: David Hockney out of the UK. There is a 9 minute installation piece at the end of the hall on the 3rd floor. If you aren’t paying attention, the piece seems just okay. Many patrons stepped in for a quick look and left before they saw the first vari-lite color change which completely transforms the piece. This installation is like 25 artworks in one if you stay long enough to experience them all. It continues to open and unfold into all kinds of amazing, imaginative things…

I don’t want to give it all away, but here is a pic during just one stage of the light cycle. Be sure to stay for at least 9 minutes to see all the rotations- though I bet you will find yourself questioning if you are back at the beginning and staying longer!


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