In Need of Inspiration?

I live in a city full of inspiring history and characters. We even have larger-than-life memorials and monuments that remind us to really learn from the great men and women of the past. One is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the Tidal Basin. I brought a few friends on a DC-tourist trek to see Dr. King. It was a late night, so parking was a snap and there were only about 10 other people there- the conditions were perfect to sit, think, and be inspired. I found myself asking questions like, “What kind of crazy passion was in this man to make him step out against the grain and do what he did?” and thanking God for the existence and presence of King in our society and history. Then I found myself sniffing out my driving passions and gifts and dreaming of how they could someday be used to make one life a little better. If you need an inspiration pick-me-up, visit any of our monuments or memorials late at night or at sunrise- you’ve got the city to yourself and there is a lot of space for your mind and heart to be stirred.


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