Monthly Archives: September 2012

Forklift Part II

You may have seen my shout out to Community Forklift last week. One of the other items I got there was a great cupboard door. On sale I got it for $4.42. There is an endless supply of materials that can be used instead of a canvas and most are much cheaper. I love the worn look on the cupboard door and am also very into the idea of reusable sustainable art products. Check out this trial run- it’s so fun! (Sorry about the image quality!)


I hesitate to tell you about this…

I have found one of the most amazing places on Earth. Ok, maybe just in the DC metro area… but still. My friend introduced me to a magical place called Community Forklift (Community Forklift). If you are from the area you have probably visited. When I went- it was about 100* (and it’s a working warehouse with no AC, so dress like you are going to sweat) and there was a guy playing live music at the door and lemonade for sale. According to their website, “Community Forklift aims to:

  • Lift up communities by making repairs and renovation more affordable for everyone in the community – homeowners, small businesses, charitable groups, etc.
  • Reduce construction industry waste, keep reusable materials out of the landfill, and reduce the mining and harvesting of dwindling natural resources.
  • Promote environmentally-friendly building materials and methods
  • Develop career opportunities for nearby residents.”

It’s a great model and a very fun place to go. (Just don’t pick over all the good stuff before I get back there!) I snagged some fun things including this window and can’t wait to see it become a two sided painting…