Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Ballet.

Last week I had the privilege of watching Cinderella fall for her Prince though the Mariinsky Ballet at the Kennedy Center. One of the only New Year’s Resolutions I have actually kept is experiencing one ‘professional’ performing arts event per quarter this year. It has proved to be one of my best resolutions and enlightened me to the importance of such soul-invigorating experiences. I feel so alive when I hear an entire orchestra of dozens of people playing instruments made up of hundreds of parts; listening to it all come together right before my ears into a poetic story that once was made of black dots and squiggles on a funny lined paper. Not to mention the dancing that has been meticulously choreographed yet somehow still exudes a beautiful freedom in its movement. Needless to say, I loved the ballet. Below is a peek at a piece inspired by the glass-slipper cinder-girl and her royal audience.


Hot Air Balloons and Stars

Recently, a friend turned 30 and to begin her new decade she declared, “the view just gets better and better as we go up, up and away!” Her birthday invitation seemed to be clipped right out of a J.M. Barrie book- adorned with an illustration of hot air balloons swaying over the city. She asked her guests to bring their own creative interpretation of this “up up and away” theme and share them at dinner. What a great idea! Anytime we can employ our rare or unused creative genius, we should, and sometimes it takes an innovative birthday dinner party to do so! At the long table laced with flowers and kite tails we experienced poems, stories, raps, drawings, film, song, inventions and more. I hope we continue to become greater visionaries as we grow older; it’s important that we are alive for this world. Here’s a (crooked) snap of part of my interpretation.



When you work alone in an office or studio, to prevent yourself from becoming ear-less you might need to add another motivating force. So today, this little guy wanted to be my assistant. I actually thought about using him as a paint brush for a project, you know try something really avant-garde, but I had nightmares about PETA coming to get me. So for now, I will just allow him to be the little piece of knowledge that, in fact, there is another living being in the room with me and, no, we do not need to resort to removal of one’s ear or senses. I wonder if Van Gogh had a pup…

The Influence of Art and Design

I was recently struck by the two Time Magazine covers dedicated to the upcoming Presidential elections. One featuring the Republican party and Mitt Romney and the follow up, a week later, covering Obama and the Democrats. It made me think about the power of art and design to influence. We often hear that if FDR ran for President in the lens of modern-day media, he would never have been elected. His cabinet and advisers went to great lengths to make it appear he was not afflicted with polio, from setting him up at photo shoots before the cameras arrived, to making excuses about a twisted ankle when he would meet dignitaries for the first time and couldn’t respectfully stand. Now with an increased visual media presence, we have to wade through layer after layer just to get to our own thoughts on the subject… if you’re patient enough to make it there.

How much power does visual art have to influence us as our candidates are presented? What message are you getting from these two contrasting images. Black and white-‘simpler times’ and nostalgic or old and out of touch? The man in front or behind the title? Laughing, visible eyes, body language, jacket or no jacket, etc. What message is Time selling? How would you visually present your point of view and where else do you see influential art and design?