Local Artists, Local Inspiration!

Amy Braden (Amyhughesbraden.com) is a Washington DC area artist who, lucky for me, I happen to personally know! Last night this local celebrity opened her solo show “Eat the Youth! & send me a pic…” at Founders Art Gallery in Arlington accompanied by wine, cheese and a bazillion admirers. It’s not hard to see why so many people came out to experience what Amy reflects on as, “a barrage of recycled imagery, borrowed content, intentional and inadvertent collaboration, and a working definition of collage that examines the mortality of ownership… and the increasing publicity of personal life.” Her use of color and theme challenged my view of what it means to be alive, especially in the context of the world around you. I was so inspired, it was all I could do not to run home in the middle of the opening and begin working on projects myself.

This city is full of fun, free ways to be inspired. You can see Amy’s new works on display until December 14th here in Arlington. Keep a look out on her website for upcoming shows- she can barely keep up with her demand! Check out some of my favorites: Similar Noses #1 and Similar Noses #2 below. (But don’t take an iPhone photo’s word for it- they must be seen in person!)


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