Monthly Archives: January 2013

Bird’s eye view

Always in the process, here is a little something in a series I am working on. This is not nearly finished and is dressed up here with an instagram filter, but you get the idea. I’ve had a title suggestion or two. So far in the lead (and at the very least winning this post’s title), from a loyal viewer of my art, D’artanian, is “Bird’s Eye View.” Hit me up if you have any others for consideration! The work is comprised of watercolor, pencil and charcoal thus far… but who know what else may hit the paper! Enjoy!




Progress Report: The Cowboy.

cowboyprogressWant to see a little late night productivity? I popped an old movie in that I have seen one million times (the kind where you don’t really have to watch it because you already know every scene) and grabbed my cup of tea (perhaps a little less inspiring than something starting with a man’s name, ie: Jack, Jose or Jim… but oh well) and got down to business until about two in the morning. Here’s where I am with it. I can’t wait for you to see what it will become… hopefully!

*That is always an artist’s risk: to take something you already like a lot and add that other idea you had for it, knowing full well it may completely ruin the piece altogether… but hoping that instead, it seriously makes the work.