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Get Inspired!

It’s Spring! Colors and images of renewal are every where, just waiting to galvanize a new writing idea, creative venture, or music project. I’m kicking off my Spring with a glass of wine at my sale on Friday- come join me and…
stay inspired!



I’ve updated my website to reflect some of my more recent works. You may have seen bits and pieces of progress over the last few months, but here are some ‘finished’ (it’s hard for an artist to know if something is ever ‘finished’) products for your review and/or purchase!

Click on the “New” Gallery and enjoy!


Man to Man

I will be adding some of my recent work to an updated gallery on my website in the next few days, but I’d like to give you a glimpse of a few drawings a little early. I love how these two ‘talk to each other’ as a set. Each piece in Man to Man measures 5×7 and is comprised of watercolor, pencil and charcoal.












Be sure to peruse my website ( for more new works as you begin your holiday planning- it’s a great way to give something one-of-a-kind! Ask me about my “friends and family” discounts if you are interested.

Blank Canvas Day!

Happy Independence Week! I love the themes of freedom and liberty. The world is rich with quotes and people who model the importance and value of freedom. It costs something- it takes a lot to choose freedom; and I am so thankful and inspired by those in my life that do.

SPACIOUS is giving us the opportunity to have a few hours of freedom from the mundane, art-less parts of our lives. Come join us for a “Blank Canvas Day,” back by popular demand, on July 21st! The event sold out last time, so if you want to feel the paint on your hands and stretch your creative-selves with friends, be sure to sign up asap!

Bonus: you get a tasty lunch from Rebecca Hook of Food and Fete in the deal- you really can’t go wrong here!

I hope I see you there!!



New installation!

Check this out! It’s the great merging of local businesses- restauranteurs and artists! Taylor Gourmet vetted local artists and selected 15 of us to participate in a crowd-source mural project as the centerpiece for their new Dupont store which opened yesterday. Last week the soft opening included the artists, architects, owners, DJ’s, bloggers and friends to celebrate the 5th Taylor Gourmet and check out their newest aesthetic touch.
Each artist received a piece of an image of Love Park in Philly to recreate on their own panel using their style, medium, etc. to comprise the full picture of the beloved park. It was a smashing success and really fun to do! Completed, the entire mural has become a 9×12 foot homage to Philly and got a few local artists spinning ideas and taking part in this great model of synergy. I hope that DC continues to involve diverse artists in the aesthetic of our city. As much as I love all of our cement and the European style we’ve got going on, I think it’s time for a little something more…

Detail of my panel

My completed panel on mesonite, featuring corrugated cardboard, charcoal, pencil, stickers, and acrylics.







Take a look at a couple of notes on the opening and go check out Taylor Gourmet on 19th and M St. for yourself!

I’ve been busy…

Detail of "Madison Man"

Detail of “Madison Man”

Check out this sneak peek of a few of my newest works! More to come soon, so check back often!

“A post, a tweet and an html President”

I finished my Obama/technology piece… at least for now. I have found that it is always a question as to whether I am done with a work or not… sometimes I think I am done and a year later I find myself working on it again. As of now, this is what my piece titled, “A post, a tweet and an html President” looks like.

While I did submit it for a show, it’s always interesting to just observe yourself in the process of ‘making.’ The strategy and symbolism that ended up coming out through this work was surprising… even to me! I found myself thinking about technology and the USA and the presidency and PR and marketing in a whole new light.

For me, these creative processes really do attest to how our thinking can expand and become more interactive and productive through the arts.