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The Ballet.

Last week I had the privilege of watching Cinderella fall for her Prince though the Mariinsky Ballet at the Kennedy Center. One of the only New Year’s Resolutions I have actually kept is experiencing one ‘professional’ performing arts event per quarter this year. It has proved to be one of my best resolutions and enlightened me to the importance of such soul-invigorating experiences. I feel so alive when I hear an entire orchestra of dozens of people playing instruments made up of hundreds of parts; listening to it all come together right before my ears into a poetic story that once was made of black dots and squiggles on a funny lined paper. Not to mention the dancing that has been meticulously choreographed yet somehow still exudes a beautiful freedom in its movement. Needless to say, I loved the ballet. Below is a peek at a piece inspired by the glass-slipper cinder-girl and her royal audience.


The Opera!

Last night I had the opportunity to see Nabucco at the Kennedy Center Opera House. It’s the operatic story of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon and creator of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It was fascinating to hear and see as Verdi focused on the folklore of Nebuchadnezzar, rather than the scriptural take.

The set was amazing- so incredibly inventive, how it moved and morphed and the use of lights and scrims to take the viewer to Babylon. Of course the singing was unbelievable, featuring talents from all over the world, even including a native DC-er! It made me feel so alive to be part of this humanity where we are able to create amazingly beautiful art, just because it needs to be made and present in our lives.

It also reminded me of a New Year’s Resolution I made this year- “Attend a well-done performance art show at least once a quarter.” There are plenty of places that this can be done on the cheap or even free. My first quarter performance was a birthday gift to see Billy Elliot– which was so amazing. Now I have gone to the Opera; it’s exciting to consider what the 3rd quarter will bring!

Do you attend plays, concerts, operas, or ballets etc.? If not, you should go- it just might waken something up!