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Christmas Nostalgia

Sometimes when I watch the old Christmas movies where the set and plot are simple and wonderful and the story is not constructed around a glitched text that causes the hero to miss his love at Christmas, I wish we could go back in time during the holidays. Real live sleigh rides, bundled-up caroling, drinking wassail (who even knows what wassail is anymore!?) around a fire where actual logs are burning… it sounds so dreamy. Even though I might get sick of it within a few days, I still want to try.
It got me thinking about homemade things, namely Christmas decor. Here are a few to sample. Maybe this year you should try something homemade too? It’s kind of fun to go ‘back in time’ and use your creativity with a bit of a Christmas facilitation to help!

Little Rudolf I made in 2nd grade. We have to glue new antlers on every year, but it's worth it!

Little Rudolf I made in 2nd grade. We have to glue new antlers on every year, but it’s worth it!

photo 3

Years ago, my sister made and sold these candy canes, turned reindeer, turned Christmas ornaments/party favors. They are still so fun and easy to make!

Got to love all the uses for a light bulb! It's amazing what googly eyes can do!

Got to love all the uses for a light bulb! It’s amazing what plastic googly eyes can do!


In Need of Inspiration?

I live in a city full of inspiring history and characters. We even have larger-than-life memorials and monuments that remind us to really learn from the great men and women of the past. One is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the Tidal Basin. I brought a few friends on a DC-tourist trek to see Dr. King. It was a late night, so parking was a snap and there were only about 10 other people there- the conditions were perfect to sit, think, and be inspired. I found myself asking questions like, “What kind of crazy passion was in this man to make him step out against the grain and do what he did?” and thanking God for the existence and presence of King in our society and history. Then I found myself sniffing out my driving passions and gifts and dreaming of how they could someday be used to make one life a little better. If you need an inspiration pick-me-up, visit any of our monuments or memorials late at night or at sunrise- you’ve got the city to yourself and there is a lot of space for your mind and heart to be stirred.

Blank Canvas Day!

Happy Independence Week! I love the themes of freedom and liberty. The world is rich with quotes and people who model the importance and value of freedom. It costs something- it takes a lot to choose freedom; and I am so thankful and inspired by those in my life that do.

SPACIOUS is giving us the opportunity to have a few hours of freedom from the mundane, art-less parts of our lives. Come join us for a “Blank Canvas Day,” back by popular demand, on July 21st! The event sold out last time, so if you want to feel the paint on your hands and stretch your creative-selves with friends, be sure to sign up asap!

Bonus: you get a tasty lunch from Rebecca Hook of Food and Fete in the deal- you really can’t go wrong here!

I hope I see you there!!



Melting Clouds

How do you spend the hours of your day? We are usually forced to vigilantly track hours for our jobs, but do we hold ourselves to the same standards when it comes to our life lived?

In Mexico I lavished in the “Laid Back Latin Life” (coupled with my West Coast upbringing, I was very relaxed!). Which I loved. I like to just sit and think whatever thought comes into my mind, even if it’s something as mundane and obvious as, “the sky is blue, I’m thirsty, that bird is loud…” It’s kind of stream of consciousness thinking; if I give allowance to my dull thoughts, sometimes one of them ends up being really inspired.

A few years ago, my imaginative Aunt (Happy Birthday today!) taught me how to “melt clouds away.” She asked me matter-of-fact if I knew how to do it, like you would ask someone if they know how to ride a bike. Surprisingly, I did not. She tells me to find a cloud, start with a small one when you are learning, and stare at it; watch it move and dissipate, thinning until eventually it melts away into the sky before your very eyes. Then you have melted away your first cloud.

Have you ever taken the time, putting aside our technology and schedules and short attention spans, to melt a cloud? It takes a little patience, but I think you might like it.