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The flowers have come.

“You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.”
Hal Borland

photo 5


Hot Air Balloons and Stars

Recently, a friend turned 30 and to begin her new decade she declared, “the view just gets better and better as we go up, up and away!” Her birthday invitation seemed to be clipped right out of a J.M. Barrie book- adorned with an illustration of hot air balloons swaying over the city. She asked her guests to bring their own creative interpretation of this “up up and away” theme and share them at dinner. What a great idea! Anytime we can employ our rare or unused creative genius, we should, and sometimes it takes an innovative birthday dinner party to do so! At the long table laced with flowers and kite tails we experienced poems, stories, raps, drawings, film, song, inventions and more. I hope we continue to become greater visionaries as we grow older; it’s important that we are alive for this world. Here’s a (crooked) snap of part of my interpretation.


“For the Love of Art”

Yesterday I read a thought-provoking article called “For the Love of Art” in the most recent Atlantic Magazine. It describes a gallery director’s unique protest against Italy’s budget cuts. Many factors have contributed to the gallery’s trouble at keeping its doors open to the public, including continued government cutbacks.

So, what does he do to get their (our) attention?

Well, so far, he has burned five artworks from artists around the world and has sent a bundle of photos to the Italian government threatening more. The image on the article is kind of heart-wrenching when you think about what went into those paintings. Other artists/gallerists around the world have also burned a few works to stand in solidarity and while it has gotten enough media attention to make it across the ocean, will it have a lasting (and changing) impact?

My jury is still out on whether I think this is a valuable protest, what do you think?

Make Good Art.

A few friends have been passing around a video of an inspirational commencement speech. Author, Neil Gaiman addresses the 2012 graduating class of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. A key theme, that I think all of us can benefit from, is that we need to “MAKE GOOD ART” no matter the kind, make it and do it well. It’s a bit longer than my usual thoughts, but it’s Friday, so give it a listen this weekend if you want to be inspired to make something good against the odds of the world.

PS- You may want a notepad… I have found myself sticking one-liners around my art studio that I can later read while doing air punches to pump myself up!



Letters from Japan

If you hear, read or see an inspiring one-liner today: sit down, even for 5 minutes, and make something visual out of it. Use lipstick, water from a tea bag or those highlighters on your desk if you don’t have other supplies available! The point is, CREATE SOMETHING… if for no other reason than that it might just feed something in your soul that wasn’t satisfied yesterday.

I saw this little reflection on a friend’s facebook page and grabbed my sketch pad. The real point here is to strike while the iron is hot. Let your creativity live. The more you give freedom to your creative-self, the more often it will show up to dazzle you; in your work, in your relationships, and in your spiritual journey.


We’ve probably all heard Albert Einstein’s thought that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” But have you heard why he thinks this is so?

This is Einstein’s follow up thought, and one I love, “For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Think of that! We have the power to imagine all that may ever be! I think in this statement, Einstein unlocks a true key to genius- IMAGINATION.

Think of the things we have IMAGINED before they came to be KNOWN. People dreamed of flying long before they could. Even Walt Disney dreamed up ‘Man in Space’ before Yuri Gagarin’s maiden space exploration. It’s pretty inspiring to think that all that is out there, has the ability to be dreamed up within the creative-self.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to imagine today. Try to reflect on something that you have never thought before. It does take time and patience to actually think and dream, but the payoff is big.

Color Connection!

French post-impressionist, Paul Gauguin, once aptly observed, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. Do you pay attention to the color around you? Did you notice the azaleas on your walk to the metro today? Did you appreciate the color the U.S. Capitol Building turns around dusk?
I saw these things around the house today and was so attracted to the patterns they made. I love that some of the items are organic and some are man made; some are roundish and others are made of straight geometric lines. We are always looking for connection. In this case it’s color!

Take note of the color around you today. See if you agree that it is, in fact, the language of dreams. Go ahead, dream.