New installation!

Check this out! It’s the great merging of local businesses- restauranteurs and artists! Taylor Gourmet vetted local artists and selected 15 of us to participate in a crowd-source mural project as the centerpiece for their new Dupont store which opened yesterday. Last week the soft opening included the artists, architects, owners, DJ’s, bloggers and friends to celebrate the 5th Taylor Gourmet and check out their newest aesthetic touch.
Each artist received a piece of an image of Love Park in Philly to recreate on their own panel using their style, medium, etc. to comprise the full picture of the beloved park. It was a smashing success and really fun to do! Completed, the entire mural has become a 9×12 foot homage to Philly and got a few local artists spinning ideas and taking part in this great model of synergy. I hope that DC continues to involve diverse artists in the aesthetic of our city. As much as I love all of our cement and the European style we’ve got going on, I think it’s time for a little something more…

Detail of my panel

My completed panel on mesonite, featuring corrugated cardboard, charcoal, pencil, stickers, and acrylics.







Take a look at a couple of notes on the opening and go check out Taylor Gourmet on 19th and M St. for yourself!


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